Colours of Edziza would be pleased to be the feature presentation at your event, whether a corporate or private function, a school or community gathering. Please contact us at coloursofedziza[at]gmail[dot]com.

Our preferred format is a 75-90 minute session that includes a theme/film introduction (3 min), the screening of Colours of Edziza (42 min), and a 30 to 45 minute dialogue session with the key leaders of the Colours of Edziza film and outreach project including Curtis Rattray, Mike Schauch and Chantal Schauch. We are happy to discuss custom presentations and workshops to suit your respective needs.

Costs include only the Travel & Accommodation budget for the presenters. The program itself is free of charge. Donations towards Curtis Rattray’s Aboriginal Youth Leadership Development initiative are welcome.

Other team members including Co-director/Cinematographer/Editor Matt Miles, Film Score Composer Thomas Beckman, Expedition Artist Tamar Skubovius, and Expedition Photographer Eric Saczuk, are available to join the presentations upon request and available travel and accommodations budget.

Some of the key themes we may focus on are as follows:

  1. Perspectives on our land use: How do we interact with our land?  Life vs. recreational vs. resource dependence.
  2. Addressing social issues vs. environmental issues: Is our environmental crisis a symptom of a much larger social issue?
  3. Our connection to nature:  The importance of ‘knowing’ and feeling’ the land, especially in our ever increasing world of tech. Do we truly understand the value of nature?
  4. Cross cultural leadership and co-creation: the importance of addressing our differences as human beings so we can work together to find and create better solutions for all.
  5. Cross-cultural team work: How do we acknowledge and respect our differences while working together on a common project/objective?

Personal and Professional Leadership Development:
Please contact Curtis at Edziza Trails for details on the following services:

  • Guided authentic aboriginal adventure tours in Tahltan Territory
  • W.I.L.D™ – Wholistic Indigenous Leadership Development
  • Capacity building services for First Nations related to political strategy development, community impact assessment, leadership development and team building
  • Capacity development services for corporations related to cross-cultural dialogue  
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