This extraordinary journey begins with two leaders from different worlds—a member of the Tahltan Nation and leader among his people looking to pass his teachings on to his kin, and a West Coast mountaineer and investment professional seeking new adventure while exploring his own connection to the land. Brought together by their passion for learning from the land, they are joined by two younger Tahltans, an artist and an 18 year old youth, to traverse one of the last, great untamed places on earth. Venturing deep into the remote and rugged mountains of the Tahltan territory in northern British Columbia, the two leaders discover a new shared connection, one that would allow them to put their differences aside and accomplish this incredible traverse together.


The Team

  • Mike Schauch (Expedition Leader, Film Co-Producer and Co-Director)—For over 15 years, Mike’s love for adventure and mountains has taken him to remote mountains and mountain communities around the world. Mike has for over 10 years held leadership positions in the investment and wealth management industries. With a passion for speaking and sharing, Mike has delivered leadership keynotes to over a thousand post-secondary students at major Universities across North America. Mike is an MBA graduate from the Queen’s School of Business, a Member International of the Explorers Club, and leader of several international expeditions raising over $200,000 for charity. In 2012, Mike together with his wife, Chantal, co-produced and premiered the film, “Beyond the Gates of Phu,” which has screened at international film festivals around the world.
  • Tamara Skubovius (Expedition Artist)—Tamara Skubovius is an interdisciplinary artist and a member of the Tāltān First Nation. She attended Kitinmaax School for Northwest Coast Native Art and later graduated in 2011 with her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Currently based in Toronto, Ontario, and like the Tāltān of old, she is a nomad, yet her home and heart belongs to the north and much of her work reflects this connection. Tamara’s favorite childhood memories are of going to Fish Camp in the summers, riding horses at her grandparents ranch near the Stikine Canyon, and especially being around her Elders, listening to stories of how things were, misadventures and what they learned along the way. Her passion is to continue to tell stories- to speak of the land, the creatures that inhabit it and the kind of ways she has influence in this world.
  • Curtis Rattray (Expedition Co-leader, Tahltan Nation Liaison)—Curtis is a member of the Crow clan and Nalokoteen (end of the ridge nation) of the Tahltan Nation and his Tahltan name is ‘Ninth glun adz’. He earned a BA at University of Victoria in 2001 with a major in Environmental Studies and minor in Political Science. Curtis served as the elected Chairman of the Tahltan Central Council for nine years and was responsible for representing the Tahltan Nation on the reconciliation of inherent Tahltan rights and title. He is an experienced backcountry hiker and camper and has over twenty years of all-season experience in the backcountry.
  • Bo Dean Williams (Expedition Scout)—Born in Smithers, BC, Bo is a recent high school graduate and was raised in Northern British Columbia as a member of the Tahltan First Nation. Since early childhood, he has spent much of his time in the outdoors, camping, fishing, and hunting. His family wrangles horses in the Stikine region and spends time guiding them cross-country. Bo’s grandpa, Willie, taught him everything to know about the outdoors, where the animals gather during certain times of the year, how to make a fire, skin animals, and how to respect the land. He’s now dividing his time between working at the ranch on the Stikine and attending hockey camps across BC.
  • Chantal Schauch (Film Co-Producer, Co-Director)—Born in Switzerland and raised on the West Coast of British Columbia, Chantal is a community leader, social entrepreneur and brand strategist. She advises leaders of mission-driven organizations across North America on business and brand strategy, and has coached individuals and teams worldwide on running climbing and adventure campaigns for charity. Together with her husband, Mike, she has co-led several charity climbs and expeditions, and co-produced the documentary, Beyond the Gates of Phu (2012), which was an official selection in several international mountain film festivals. With a passion for travel, culture and the great outdoors, Chantal has hiked and climbed with Mike in Tanzania, Nepal, Bhutan, Switzerland, Mexico, USA, and extensively in the mountain ranges of western Canada.
  • Matt Miles (Cinematographer, Editor, Co-Director)—Born in Oxford, England, Matt found his passion for film making while studying creative music technology in Lancaster and Bath, earning some cash on the side by producing music videos. Upon graduation from university, he immigrated to Victoria, Canada in 2010 and launched his production company Approach Media. Matt now specializes in First Nations/cultural, music and art documentary film making. His recent short film, A Hand to Stand, won best short at the Hawaii International Film Festival and was a finalist in the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. Matt is a passionate bluegrass guitarist in Victoria and since moving there, has also become an active hiker. With Colours of Edziza, Matt is launching his career into the world of remote mountain filmmaking.
  • Eric Saczuk (Expedition Photographer)—Born in Poland, Eric resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He’s a passionate part-time photographer and GIS consultant, and a full-time instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, specializing in remote sensing of mountain environments. Eric is lead photographer for Revival Art Gallery, having his images represented in dozens of commercial spaces worldwide. Through his own company, Space Hog Graphics, Eric uses his artistic talents to help underprivileged children in Nepal gain access to healthcare and education. With a deep passion for adventure travel to off-the-beaten path destinations, Eric’s photographs feature prominently in the documentary “Beyond the Gates of Phu”.
  • Thomas Beckman (Film Score Composer)—Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Thomas is an award-winning violist, a composer and the lead performer with the band Sons of Granville. So far, Thomas' band has been voted into the top three most popular of unsigned bands in Vancouver by the Georgia Straight's 'best of' poll for the last three consecutive years, including 2014, and recently became a Telus Storyhive top 10 winner. Thomas now forges ahead as film composer with Colours of Edziza being his first score. The musicians who have collaborated with him on this soundtrack include Derek Mason, Jarrett Plett, Sam Ryan and Brayden Dyczkowski.




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